Lovely to meet you!

In one of the craziest years of all time, this family pursued their dream to start their own label.

With the experience of being in the fashion business for over 15 years, loving clothes and fabrics her whole life, Gigi collected her favourite items. The items which she adored, in all the new seasons where the items changed in her carefully purchased collection, remained her favourites.

With love and passion for clothes which are made with care, beautiful colours, cuddly fabrics, high quality materials and comfortable luxury because of a perfect fit, she collected several items. Starting with her favourite pants. 

Together with her already grown up daughters Coco and Bibi, who both earned their position in her business Gigi TOF! Kralingen by their skills, they now start their own label My Lovely Favourites. Made with care sustainable care and for all kind of women of all ages.

“In all the years that I’ve been a single mom, I always have had the support of my daughters and we've always done it together. It’s a real dream come true to start a new business with eachother now, this feels great.” - Gigi